Friday, January 28, 2011

Iteration #34: The Last Iteration

Iteration #34: The Last Iteration (~34MB, mp3)

This is the last episode of the Iterations podcast.

If I do put out any audio clips in the future, I'll post them to my blog. You can subscribe to my blog's RSS feed in iTunes (Advanced > Subscribe to podcast) and should any audio be posted there, it will automagically appear in iTunes along side your other podcasts.

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Thanks for listening.


  1. I will have to listen a second time to this, but my first reaction was understanding how you felt about the noise pollution of so many other podcasts out there, and in particular the vulgarity delivered with seemingly no purpose. But the great thing about podcasting is that the listener is in total control, and what we don't like or approve of, we simply don't subscribe to. I take great pleasure in unsubscribing to shows that are crap; I feel empowered, unlike when I flic the remote while watching TV and just get more and more crap.

    But what's more important, I think, is to encourage those individuals, or even couple and groups, who do have something of value to share, to do it, and keep doing it, and not to be drowned out by the worthless shows. I believe Iterations is a podcast of value, the kind of podcast that reveals the inner person, the real person, and that person's journey thru life. These are the voices that need to be shared. I hope you haven't given up unless that decision if truly the right one to make- and not because of the infantile level of so many other podcasts out there making noise.

  2. It wasn't so much that the vulgarity on the other podcasts stopped me from podcasting. Not specifically, because of course, as you mention, I can just tune them out at any time. It was rather that I was at a point where I was on the fence about if/how to proceed with Iterations. I reached out to the 'community' in the hope that I would find something that would pull me forward, and instead ended up being pushed back and away.

    I thought about this quite a bit. I agree entirely that the best way to combat the garbage out there is to present and promote a better alternative. I guess that in the end, what I had set up in Iterations, the format, the separation from my main identity, no longer works for me. Given who I am, where I am at in my life, and the realities of my day to day, it was the wrong venue for me to say what I have to say.

    While this is the end of Iterations, it isn't the end of me podcasting. It is more of a shift to a podcast that is integrated with my main online persona, which is hopefully well integrated with the person I actually am, with the real me. I still haven't figured out what podcasting on my main blog is going to look like or when it is going to happen. I suspect it will be the same, yet different. More stripped down. Shorter. Still personal, and hopefully more interesting and relevant to everyone involved.

    I'm not in a position to make promises about podcasting. It was very important for me to shut down Iterations. No point going down a road that is going nowhere. For now, I'm focusing on listening to a select few podcasts (including dnj), thinking, imagining, trying to map out a path forward.

    Thanks again for all the support you have shown throughout this. First pint is on me.