Sunday, August 26, 2012


Was #34 the last iteration, or simply the start of a hiatus?

I've been thinking about podcasting and the value, despite the time investment required, that it brought/brings to me. It might be time to take another kick at the can.

I've also noticed that they have added enclosure support to the new Blogger UI (now the only Blogger UI), meaning that I could resume here, which all things considered would probably be best.

But we'll see, we'll see... this might just be a reaction to the challenges before me, a bit of procrastination, a bit of escapism... but if some good could come of it, if the idea that overall I get more out of podcasting than I but in, maybe it would be worth it...

In any case, at this point, just ideas and testing the waters. Doing so here, publicly, makes it more real, a stake in the ground, a point to consider, to mark a boundary or a starting point.

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